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Picking the Perfect Accessories

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

No, this isn't about boots, scarves, or jewelry. It's about the most important accessory...The Return of the Schrunchie!!!

I knew it! I knew if I wore it long enough it would come back! Ok, so maybe my boring, old, plain, black scrunchie itself isn't necessarily making a comeback! I knew you wouldn't believe it coming from me, but according to fashion bible WWD the scrunchies are to stay for 2020.

Scrunchies: you either love them or you hate them. If you hate them, then this blog is not for you! For those of you that love them, I am going to give you some ideas on what kind are in style and how to rock this polarizing accessory this year. The 2020 version should be worn and fastened with purpose and done in fun finishes like silk or velvet. By far the quickest and easiest trend you will see with scrunchies this year is the low hung ponytail.

This look is so pretty and easy to recreate. It will even work with your hair extensions. Simply clip in all your wefts as normal and, taking your straighteners or curling iron, create a soft wave throughout the lengths of your hair by tilting them towards and away from your head as you work down the section. Then use a texturizing hair spray to set this in place as it will add some extra volume and much needed texture. I recommend AR Illusionist Spray for this. Next use your fingers to loosely pull back your hair into a low pony, leaving some face framing sections out at the front. If your hair will not stay with just a scrunchie, you may need to use a hair tie and then tie your scrunchie over the pony, wrapping it around twice so it’s secure. By doing it with the hair tie first your look will last way longer. To finish, take your hands and gently pull out the hair at the crown of your head to rough up the look and finish with another light dust of AR In Control Hairspray. This new hairspray is a long-lasting, with multiple levels of hold from weightless hairspray perfect for styling, medium hold that will provide structure and movement, or hold your hair in place from morning to night. Yes, all three option come in one can. Ask me how!! It dries quickly with no flaking and is easy to brush out. Leaves your hair with a touchable hold and brilliant shine!

The Messy Half Up Bun is super simple and is great for second day hair as it will be way easier to work with. First, lightly run your straighteners over your hair to iron out any kinks, then use the AR Illusionist Spray mentioned above to add some extra texture, concentrating on the crown of your head where you’re going to be pulling the hair back. Then take a section of hair from the front of your head to create the half up half down style. It’s up to you how much hair you want to gather back but keep in mind that the thicker your scrunchie the more hair you’ll need left out to balance the look. Did you notice the unique shape of her scrunchie? The rabbit ear scrunchie is one of the hottest scrunchie trends this year.

For this sleek low bun, start by taking a brush and smooth back your hair to the nape of your neck and making sure to get rid of any bumps. If you need to run a low temperature flat iron through the what will be the top section to achieve the sleek look. If your hair is fine or slick in texture you will most likely need to use a hair tie to make is secure. You then need to secure it with bobby pins and a dust of AR In Control Hairspray so it will hold. Lastly take your scrunchie and place it over the bun to finish the sleek look. Now your ready for some flashy earrings and a night out.

But, if you are looking for a more lived-in look, you will need to make sure to keep your pony loose. This doesn't mean you won't need a hair tie to secure it, it just means don't pull your hair flat to your head. Keep it loose so you tug and pull pieces slightly out for that lived-in look. Either way you choose to wear it, you will need to loop the hair into a knot and push it back against your head to create the bun shape. Then just as instructed before, you will need to secure it with bobby pins and a dust of hairspray so it will hold. Lastly take your scrunchie and place it over the bun to finish the look. Boom! You know this look will be big, even LuLuLemon is selling scrunchies this year!

And let's not forget braids! Braids are still going to be very on trend this summer. You will just now see them with the mixed texture of a scrunchie! Braids on top, braids on bottom, fishtail, you name it and we will see it!

Why do I love Scrunchies? Because they are super gentle on the hair, easy to work with, and can be used to create volume and fun. But don't just take it from me, here are some A-listers recently caught rocking their locks in a scrunchie.

All Photos in this blog post are from Pinterest.

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