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Last Night’s Look: Second Day Hair

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

So it went a little late at book club last night. You woke up late and you are feeling guilty about not reaching for your favorite bottle of shampoo to freshen up before you have to walk out the door.

What happens if I don't wash my hair everyday?

Is washing your hair everyday bad?

How do I know?

If you wash your hair too frequently you can dry out your hair leaving it prone to breakage. This can also cause your scalp to dry out and kick your sebaceous glands into overdrive causing greasy/oily scalp. Adversely, if you go too long in-between washings you can cause the follicle to become clogged and hair loss can occur. So what exactly is the perfect amount? Well that's the million dollar question!

How frequent you should wash depends on how quick the natural oils from your scalp travel down your hair shaft. If you have coarse/culry hair you can wash less frequent. If you have fine/skinny hair you will need to wash more often. Keep in mind we are talking shampoo here. Shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair...but that is for another blog post.

Let's get back to the point! No matter what shape your hair is in when you wake up late, here are some tips to help you rock that second day hair.

Soaking up access oil: No secret here that Dry Shampoo can be your best friend! (I know, I am working on that specific product to add to my line). But in the meantime, I find that if you want to decrease oil and give your hair a lift at the root, AR Signature Line Illusionist Spray is what you are looking for!

  • Section your hair and apply spray to the roots area

  • Lightly spritz your hairline and don't forget right by the ears

  • Brush it in and briefly use a blow dryer at the roots to lift and dissipate oil

This will revive any texture of hair! You can use Illusionist Spray throughout to create a sea salt texture if desired.

Next Day Hair Tends to Lack Volume: Not much of a shock there, I know. The best way to quickly combat this is velcro rollers. If you have sat in my chair you have undoubtedly heard me talk of velcro rollers.

1. Apply a light mist of AR Signature Line Illustionist Spray at the roots of you hair and brush through.

2. Section hair off and apply rollers off base at your hair line (See picture).

3. Heat rollers up using your blowdryer.

4. Let hair completely cool while you are finishing your morning routine.

5. Take our rollers and lightly shake our hair using fingers or a wide tooth comb.

6. Spray if desired.

7. CLICK HERE for link to purchase rollers.

Another quick tip is to change the side you part your hair on. It gives the illusion of fresh voluminous strands!

More Tips:

Ok, If you are truly in a time crisis, you can quickly try one of the following:

  • Braids: Do the entire thing or a crown braid!!

  • Any type of bun: Low, messy, half up.

  • Accessories: Headband, scarf (twisted up into a headband), or hat if it comes to that.

However you decide to rock your second day hair, just a remember a general rule of thumb for normal to oily hair is to shampoo a minimum of twice a week. But the best way to find out just how many days you can rock "second day" hair is to experiment. Keep in mind anytime your change normal routine there will be an adjustment period!

I hope these quick tips help!! Here is the after photo!! April

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