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Hair Tips: Travel Edition

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Since I will soon be traveling out of the country, I thought I would take the time to talk about hair care and traveling. It is always good to be prepared and plan ahead depending on your destination. Since I just my fill of sun and the sand, let's start here.

You know those cute little bottles of shampoo and conditioner you have waiting for you when you enter a hotel bathroom. Well, unless you are staying in a place that partners with a professional grade product line, there is a reason they are free! Free is about what they are worth since they will leave your hair a nasty tangled mess. The same goes for budget friendly hair care as they often contain wax like fillers. Unfortunately, budget friendly products tend to damage hair, let's just say heat and wax don’t mix! 

I know, I know, you don’t want to break the bank and bring your expensive shampoo and conditioner on a vacation. Let’s be real, ask yourself a few questions. Are you traveling for business or pleasure? How long will you be gone? Will you be relaxing or going out often? This will help guide you in the direction you will need to go with your products.If I had to pick what products were most important for travel, I would definitely say shampoo or conditioner. Why not both? Maybe you don’t have room for both or only have enough in the budget to bring one or the other. If this is case, my recommendation is this: if you have fine hair that is above the shoulders then shampoo should be your number one. AR Moisture Shampoo is a great choice and what I personally use while on vacation soaking up the sun. It contains Coconut Water, and Sunflower Oil so it will cleanse your hair while actively fighting color fade. For longer hair, or hair prone to tangling, definitely go for AR Moisture Conditioner and/or EMT. This will give you structural support and long lasting color protection while giving your tangled locks a break from, well you know…BREAKING! If you aren’t planning a long trip and don’t need to take the entire bottle, give the empty travel size bottles a try. You can usually purchase them at the same place you get your deodorant or toothpaste. They are easy to fill, they are generally regulation size if you plan to just take a carry on, and you won’t feel guilty is you leave them behind. 

Now that we have a solid foundation, let's talk about the sun, the sand, and a drink in your hand (FOR YOUR HAIR that is)!  Just as sunscreen for your skin you need to put protection on your hair. Either with a hat, head scarf or a product containing UV protection. Even though it's just sun, you’ll want to make sure your hair doesn’t overheat and burn. If you are using the AR Signature Line products recommended above you will not need to worry as much about extra UV protection for the hair, AR Signature Line has you covered!

Now let’s talk dryness, salt (and chlorine) can dry your hair out so rinse your hair, cool water preferred, and seal it with a leave in conditioner. I recommend a leave in conditioner spray that you can put in your beach bag. I know, I said ONE product right…well, you can also DIY your own leave in spray using the AR Moisture Conditioner or the EMT you brought with you by mixing 1 part conditioner to 5 parts water in a spray bottle. Just shake and spray on the ends of your hair before and after swimming. The idea is to let your hair absorb that so it can’t absorb damaging chlorine/salt and also keeps blonde hair from turning green in a pool that isn’t properly balanced. Shampoo the leave in spray out later and your hair will thank you for it.

Want to spend as much time on the beach as possible but still need to look presentable for the dinner plan you have for the evening? Learn a few stylist tricks before

you go. Try putting your hair in braids or loosely twisted buns. Do this while it’s slightly damp then wear them on the beach all day. By the evening, or when your hair is completely dry, tousle them out with your fingers to create some natural looking waves. Not one to wear your hair down in hot, humid places? Learn a couple of quick updos to tame your hair and keep your neck cool. Google is your friend here…Google quick and easy updos. And last but not least, DO NOT SKIP BRUSHING. It’s quite important to keep your hair smooth and to brush it all the way through from the scalp to ensure all the little knots are out.

Tangled hair is more prone to breakage and if it gets really bad it causes more damage when you try to brush it out. I recommend the purchase of a Wet Brush to help you get through your hair at home and away.

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